ATHLETIC ALLIANCE HAVOK-Neuro (Cherry Blaster - 460 gr)

ATHLETIC ALLIANCE HAVOK-Neuro (Cherry Blaster - 460 gr)

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ATHLETIC ALLIANCE - HAVOK-Neuro - Hi Focus Pre Workout - 460 Gram(s) -- NPN: 80105127

SKIN-SPLITTING PUMPS; IMPROVED ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE AND CELLULAR HYDRATION - Contains a full dose of citrulline malate and agmatine sulphate for skin-splitting pumps, delivering more nutrients to the muscle and aiding in endurance; Betaine anhydrous to help elevate mood, maximize power output, aid in cellular hydration and ATP production, bringing your strength to the next level; Taurine to aid in cellular hydration and proper nervous system function.

JITTER AND SHAKE-FREE ENERGY – We all know the benefits of caffeine, but have you ever tried it with theanine? The caffeine gives you the kick in the pants that you’re looking for while the theanine reduces any side effects, eliminating any shaky, jittery feeling and improving focus and mind muscle connection. This is the original nootropic stack.

INCREASED NOOTROPIC SUPPORT FOR LASER-LIKE FOCUS AND IMPROVED MIND/MUSCLE CONNECTION - Tyrosine increases dopamine and noradrenalin providing energy and elevating mood. We jacked up the Alpha-GPC and Huperzine-A to increase acetylcholine (your primary neurotransmitter) levels even more to improve cognitive function, focus, strength and mind muscle connection, allowing you to get the most out of your workouts.

INCREASE TESTOSTERONE AND LEAN MASS WHILE DECREASING FAT MASS – Forskolin, a unique ingredient found in Havok Neuro, has been extensively studied, is safe for men and women, and has been shown to increase lean mass, bone density and testosterone levels while reducing body fat, even WITHOUT exercise! Imagine what this could help you accomplish as part of an intense training/nutrition regimen!