CONFIDENT HEALTH L-Leucine (450 gr)

CONFIDENT HEALTH L-Leucine (450 gr)

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CONFIDENT - L-Leucine - 450  Gram(s) - NPN : 80105868

Tailored to promote the development of lean muscle tissue when combined with regular training and a balanced diet.

Improve your athletic performance with the proven benefits of L-Leucine. It contributes to energy production during exercise and aids in minimizing exercise-induced muscle damage.

As an essential amino acid, L-Leucine is indispensable for individuals engaged in rigorous training, ensuring the availability of vital building blocks for overall health and sustained athletic excellence.

Proudly produced in Canada, Confident Sports L-Leucine is crafted in an NSF-certified facility, adhering to the highest industry standards for quality and safety.

L-Leucine is a potent activator of the mTOR pathway, crucial for initiating muscle protein synthesis. This process is vital for the repair and growth of muscle tissue, making it an essential supplement for bodybuilders and athletes.

Bodybuilders and athletes of all levels have embraced L-Leucine for its role in promoting lean muscle development. When combined with regular weight or resistance training and a balanced diet, L-Leucine facilitates the construction of quality muscle mass.

Adults (≥18 years):  Mix 1 scoop (3,000 mg) in 8–16oz. (240 mL – 475 mL) of liquid (water, juice, etc.) immediately before consumption.

Take 1 time per day.

INGREDIENTS   Amount per scoop
L-Leucine - 3,000 mg

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