SCHINOUSSA Sea Vegetables For Weight Loss (270 gr)

SCHINOUSSA Sea Vegetables For Weight Loss (270 gr)

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Schinoussa - Sea Vegetables For Weight Loss - 270 Grams(s) - NPN : 80058546

Sea vegetables are created through the power of solar energy. Vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, amino acids are all part of sea vegetable DNA. Algae is activated through photosynthesis. Thus, sea vegetables are the world’s most potent food source. Due to their pristine nutrient profile, density and bioavailability, sea vegetables are the super foods of super foods.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT formula provides nature’s multivitamin with added flaxmeal to remove toxins without detox symptoms. This works to support immune, energy and natural well being benefits. This formula has added bladderwrack and kelp designed for added iodine which is a great for healthy thyroid support. Both hyperactive and hypoactive thyroids benefit for healthy weight.

1 tsp is equal to 10 servings of fruit and vegetables in nutrient density as the bioavailability is 98%. All formulas are alkalizing, pH balancing and detoxifying.

  • Add one tsp (4.5g) of Schinoussa to 310 ml(10oz.) of your favourite beverage, such as orange juice, apple juice, protein smoothies or simply cold water.
  • Stir with spoon and drink.
  • Vary the amount of liquid to establish your preferred taste and texture.
  • Enjoy once or twice a day.
  • Refrigerate after opening.

60 serving glass bottle, clinically proven, Organic, allergy free and vegan. No wheat, gluten, yeast, sugar, egg, soy, or flavors, 100% Canadian.

Schinoussa Propriety Blend
Blue-Green Algae USA
Blue-Green Algae USA
AFA (E3 Live)
Green Algae USA
Chlorella (Cracked cell wall)
White Algae Greece
Schinoussa Island Algae
Brown Algae Canada
Brown Algae Canada
Red Algae Canada
Irish moss
Red Algae Canada
Red Marine Algae
Red Algae Canada
Nova Scotia Dulse
Ground Flax Seed