SCHINOUSSA Super Fiber (Unflavoured - 300 g)

SCHINOUSSA Super Fiber (Unflavoured - 300 g)

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Schinoussa - Super Fiber - 300 Gram(s)

Schinoussa Super Food is just that, food with super health benefits as nature intended. Each ingredient is carefully thought out, sourced and put in this formula with your specific health goals in mind. Enjoy this natural food product with a healthy smile!

A blend of soluble and insoluble fiber from chia, psyllium, flax and inulin, acacia, which may help lower fat metabolism, lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar,

Vegan, Soy Free,Corn Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free

This product is suitable for anyone 16

Add 1 heaping teaspoon (5 g) to food or beverages. This is suitable for daily use.

Chia, psyllium, flax meal, inulin, acacia (fibregum).